Pharmaceutical Medicine through specialism and integrated,synthetic and holostic approach

Pharmaceutical medicine(PM) is concerned with the discovery, development, evaluation, registration, monitoring and medical aspects of the marketing of medicines.
I am interested in careers in pharmaceutical medicine related to:

  •    working in the pharmaceutical industry
  •    working in independent clinical research organisations dedicated to the development of new medicines.

As pharmaceutical physician I might be involved in the discovery and clinical development of  promising compounds and in the effective evaluation of associated benefits and possible risks. My CV gives evidence for my ability to work,when required, on the frontiers of drug discovery-development-promotion.I combine the objectively required expertise in certain critical fields ,which,  through an integrated,synthetic and holistic approach ,allow the targeting and development of really innovative remedies,with both high efficiency and safety.I would  contribute  and help as  advisor or consultant  in the teamwork,even if my assigned  role would be related to  drug candidate selection or  to clinical research or  to drug safety and pharmacovigilance or to medical and scientific affairs or to societal and public health issues related to pharmaceuticals in the wider context of healthcare delivery.

I may equally be involved in common procedures / interventions,including planning, organisation, analysis and reporting of clinical trials on medicines
collecting, assessing and regulatory reporting of suspected adverse drug reactions,in the reparation of product information such as an investigator’s brochure, a summary of product characteristics or patient information leaflets,ensuring promotional material complies with relevant pharmaceutical industry codes of practice or preparation of reports such as safety summaries and periodic safety update reports.